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T H E   M O N S T E R   Z E R O   P R O J E C T

The MONSTER ZERO PROJECT is a collaborative art experiment between two artistic brothers, Monster Tino and Rodzilla. Both artists felt the need for a new wave of art that would disassociate them from their personal backgrounds of knowledge and methods, which were learned and molded by universities. The MONSTER ZERO PROJECT, therefore , takes inspiration from contemporary pop culture and mixes it with basic impulse creativity and traditional tools. 

Each work of art, or MONSTER, is created through a two-phase process. First, one artist begins a monster by creating an unborn monster or EMBRYO. Each embryo consists of any medium or material. The only rule is that it must not exceed the size of 8.5" x 11". Once an embryo is completed, it is then mailed to the other artist or LAB TECHNICIAN, and waits for the chance to be born a monster. Monsters have the potential to be any shape, size, color, or form. Each new monster is given a numerical name corresponding to the order in which it was created.


The word MONSTER reflects a unique synthesis of artistic minds that are working together in a postmodern society and are highly influenced by the media. Whether consciously or subconsciously, these media images affect the creation of each new monster and give life to a new breed of art that is individually conceived, but collaboratively created.

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