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G E L S   V E R S U S   M O N S 

Gels Versus Mons is an ongoing series of Sci-Fi ink wash paintings. It is a fantasy story in a period of time when Gels, a type of Angel, are being sent from the heavens down to earth. It is their duty to engage in conflict with the Mons, a type of Demon, on the surface. While the Gels have wings of feathers, armor of leather and bladed weapons, the Mons are monstrous machines made of metal and are equipped with armaments of destruction.

I wanted to create a series of work which encompasses both art deco ideas and diesel-punk designs through the use of a sumi brush. Through black and white gradation, I am creating imagery that contains simple lines and shapes but contrasts with complex forms and designs. There is a sense of intrigue which happens in space between an organic figure and a mechanical construct. I enjoy the sumi painting process because it allows you to only move forward, there is no Ctrl Z, much like life itself.

This series explores personal demons which we all share and the courage it takes to overcome them. I am exploring contemporary subjects like the conversion of the universal soldier through the eradication of gender stereotypes. I believe the overall occurring theme is the constant battle over modern technology and the struggle to not let it consume our own humane sensibility.

This world is darkness filled with fear, anguish and despair but shows transition through strength, hope and acceptance. Will the Gels prevail in victory over this war or discover the real truth behind the Mons and lose their faith in humanity.

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