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Music gave birth to one man. I have devoted myself to transposing the auditory signal into a visual record of this individual's struggle for survival. It may be a story you have already heard or a story yet to be written. In either case, it is a fantastic adventure into the purest forms of black and white and the experimental realm in between. It is a mysterious domain of juncture where we will find not just the tale of one man, but the legends of many: the chronicles of Dr. Frank Electrostein.

The story of Dr. Frank Electrostein "Rebuilt" is compiled into a nineteen-part, limited edition print collection. Each individual print is a linoleum relief cut and is hand-pressed in black ink onto 11” x 14” white Zerkall Frankfurt paper. I have always enjoyed the challenge of working with only positive and negative space; with this project, I have created a continuous narrative through visual format of multiple prints. The images are all inspired through a process of sequential listening of compilation music. Each song gives birth to a new frame in the storyboard of Doctor Electrostein's life.


This narrative opens with the resurrection process of Frank Electrostein by his past self, Doctor Electrostein. Due to the loss of all Zomatons, the Doctor constructed new Units to help in his laboratory. These Units are programed in Medical, and Combat abilities. The Knights of Magnetica, a design from the Doctor's past, have returned to Castle Polaris lead by a new threat, the Order of Ohmastreples. Time is once again running out. The Doctor must rebuild Frank and prepare him and his Units for a battle against the gigantic, machined knights.  

Printmaking is a timeless method of art and illustration. It is an excellent medium of narration and can explain a message to the masses. With the crossover of science fiction and Gothic horror, I have conceived life through ink on paper. As long as the music feeds my ears, my hands will feed the world's eyes with the story of Dr. Frank Electrostein's persistent existence through this print project. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I have enjoyed imagining it. All the prints within this collection are available in the store.

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