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P R E L U D E   T O   T R A G E D Y


This series is composed of images based on my story of Dr. Frank Electrostein. Prelude to Tragedy gives glimpses of the past events which lead up to the story told in the graphic novel. There are no words other than titles of each piece but they give hints to what is yet to come in the novel.

I have always thought of being a comic artist. Ever since I was a kid I would read the Sunday comics and on Saturdays go to the comic store with my brothers, not to mention the many swap meets my Dad would take us to. I enjoyed many hours drawing my own characters and writing my own stories.


I am now currently working on a graphic novel series. It is the story about Dr. Frank Electrostein and will tell the ten most important years of his life. Each print from the print collection will be included throughout the graphic novel. It is composed of action, vengeance, regret, mythological monsters and steampunk robotics. It is a crossover of science fiction and Gothic horror.


I continually post updates for the project on tumblr. I hope you will be able to join me on this fun adventure of book creation.



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