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M Y T H S   A N D   L E G E N D S

One of my favorite subjects is Mythology. Whether it is Greek, Norse, or Slavic, I enjoy reading stories from them all. I create expressive narratives from ideas conceived from these myths and illustrate them in conjunction to contemporary experiences. Today’s society is comprised of social and personal environments that are full of individual stories. My work focuses on the stories associated with social interaction juxtaposed with mythology and fantasy. I observe these stories with my own mind and develop dramatized settings with harsh perspectives and overly expressive characters. Even though I listen to the visual communication of social interactions in reality, they are converted through my artwork into fantasy storyboards composed of human and non-human characters. These narratives concentrate on the figure and its distortion is formed in association with the beauty of mythology. Mysteries are created through a false sense of reality and the distortions of reality become the mythology. By creating these manifestations, weather depicting the inhumanity or humanity of this world, I hope a new source of light and inspiration will occur in the individual.

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