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This Gothic horror science fiction narrative opens with the electrocution of Dr. Electrostein by Count Drac Voltmier and his undead followers. To the Count's dismay, the Doctor is not killed but instead given a power of electrical current. He uses this new energy, and his own knowledge of engineering, to design skeletal automatons which in turn host electrical bombs to help fight against the army of vampires. Through the additional construction of a time portal and with the help of his past self, Frank builds a force beyond what even his mind can



Thus begin the Chronicles of Dr. Frank Electrostein, expressed in a hybrid art style that infuses fine art prints into an engaging graphic novel. Imagined and conceived by artist Justin Lorenzen. Flip the switch and take an electrifying steampunk ride into the horrors unknown.

"The Chronicles of Dr. Frank Electrostein" graphic novel, paperback

  • Includes first four chapters in the ongoing graphic novel series.

  • 6.63 x 10.25 inches. 130 pages. Published by Lorenzen Fine Art on Dec 30th, 2023. Printed in English.

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