L A T E R A L   e

Lateral e is all about the dance. In 2009 I started designing sets and props for Danny Aldous and his annual e-dance show. Being backstage, I experienced the anticipation and excitement of the show. I wanted to express those feelings in an alternative art form.


Lateral e is a collection of images from the 2011 and 2012 shows, based on photographs taken from the wings, or laterally. It is comprised of fifteen oil paintings and 30 mixed-media drawings of dancers. All of the work was created over the years 2011 – 2012.


It has been a unique experience reliving the show from a different perspective. It is my hope that my work inspires you the way the dancers inspire me. Enjoy the show.

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"42nd Street"

Acrylic on canvas 32" x 46" $1400